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Novel treatments
for neurodegenerative diseases

Nevrargenics Ltd is a UK-based neuroscience company specialising in the discovery and development of novel medicines for the treatment of neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and other neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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Disruptive Technology

Our platform technology approach to treating neurodegenerative diseases is based on small molecules that modulate Retinoid Acid Receptors, a type of Nuclear Receptors - regulating expression of many genes involved in adult brain and neural functions.

Rich Pipeline

Our product portfolio includes multiple drug candidates. Our lead drug candidate NVG0645 is extraordinarily potent, highly penetrative to blood-brain barrier and potentially disease reversing in AD, PD, ALS & FTD models.

Experienced Team

Nevrargenics is led and supported by a diverse team with complementary expertise from the medical sciences with long academic and industrial research experience as well as from the pharmaceutical industry and the capital markets.

The biggest unmet medical need

With an estimated nearly 1 billion sufferers* and characterised by progressive neuronal loss, neurodegeneration leads to broad range of clinical manifestations typically associated with severe motor disability, cognitive decline and/or dementia.

* United Nations report 2007

million people have Dementia
million people have Parkinson's
years life expectancy in ALS
€ billion cost in Europe

We plan to make a difference

Our drug development programme is based upon nearly 15 years of cutting edge research

Data Driven

Unparalleled understanding of structure activity relationships derived from ultra-high resolution crystallography and compute intensive modelling.

Novel Assays

Development of a rapid, powerful receptor-retinoic acid binding assay protocol, providing unique binding energy measurements.

Medicinal Chemistry

Novel, inventive drug design and assembly based upon over 35 years synthetic organic chemical and drug design expertise.

Inter-disciplinary capabilities

Nevrargenics recognises the importance of working across disciplines to drive innovation and is capitalising on the opportunities of multidisciplinary research within its sphere of collaborative R&D at Durham and Aberdeen Universities, as well as partnering with other organisations, and developing wider drug development programme needs through CROs.

Project Team Consortium

Our drugs

Selectivity & neuroprotection

Because retinoic acid receptors play multiple roles within cells, affecting inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective pathways, we have designed selective drugs to control all these pathways while reducing the toxic effects of other retinoid drugs resulting in potentially regenerative therapeutics.

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Recent News

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Article published by Research Features "Nevrargenics: Neuroprotection, neuroplasticity, and neurorepair".
Discussing the collaboration between them, the unmet needs for Parkinson's disease and the potential of the novel drugs from Nevrargenics
Interview on Parkinson's disease with Prof. Susan Duty, PhD, FBPhS, from the medical School of King's College London.
TRICALS workshop
Nevrargenics participates in the first TRICALS workshop at Schiphol, Netherlands, on ALS since the COVID pandemic
efficacy studies on MS and ALS
Nevrargenics launches efficacy studies on MS and ALS models through Experimentica and Charles River respectively